Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2017

How to show your support during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

There are so many ways you can raise awareness and fundraise during International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Buy an Elliot; fundraise online with a personalised page, join 'Team Elliot' in the City-Bay Fun Run; buy a limited edition Candid Jewellery 'Love Life' disc; or donate to support a child & their family.

Update your Facebook pic

Just like Elliot, you can change your Facebook profile picture for the month of September by using our temporary “go gold” frame to raise awareness for childhood cancer. It's free and it's easy!

Via your mobile app, press on your facebook profile pic, select "Add a Frame', scroll down to 'frames from pages you like' and look for our gold hand prints. You can also search for 'Childhood Cancer Association' in the search box.

Via your desktop, click to Update your Profile Pic, then select 'Add Frame', and look for our gold hand prints. You can also search for 'Childhood Cancer Association' in the search box.

Have something else in mind? Please contact us and we'll turn your idea in to action!


International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was first proclaimed by former US President Obama in 2010. Since then it has become a global initiative, raising awareness for childhood cancer.

The Gold Ribbon is the International Awareness Symbol of Childhood Cancer, with gold being the international colour of childhood cancer awareness.

Childhood Cancer Statistics

Each year, more than 950 children and adolescents in Australia – and 163,000 children worldwide – are diagnosed with cancer.

One third of childhood cancers are diagnosed in children aged 0–4years.

Every week, nearly three children and adolescents in Australia – and 1,500 children worldwide – die from cancer.

Source: Children’s Cancer Institute 2017

Locally, in South Australia, the Childhood Cancer Association receives an average of 60 referrals each year, for children newly diagnosed with cancer.  In addition to this an average of 10 children relapse and 8 children pass away from cancer in South Australia every year. 

At present, the fully self-funded organisation is supporting more than 400 families affected by childhood cancer.   

Media Enquiries to:

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Marketing & Communications Manager
Childhood Cancer Association
Phone: 0421 355 252


If you or your family require assistance please contact us today!

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Help us make a difference today!

The Childhood Cancer Association is a fully self-funded organisation and therefore relies on the generous support of the community.

Childhood cancer presents many challenges for the child and their family. It affects not only the child but their brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, friends and the whole community.

The Childhood Cancer Association provides support to the entire family.

Please help us make the cancer journey easier for these families!